Since the first of January 2013, the birth of 'Beau Vert' is a fact! After 12 years of working as an employee, I chose to set up my own business and to continue as an independent trader. My aim is to sell you flowers and plants at a ratio between quality and price which is in line with the prevailing market. The product range mainly consists out of Belgian plants, completed with Dutch, Danish, Spanish and Italian import, all of this with an eye to satisfied customers that are happy to work with our products.

We are located in a modern building at the heart of the Belgian ornamental plant cultivation. The property also provides accommodation for various transport companies that deliver the plants from the growers to the export companies, which entails that we are the first to receive our deliveries and that we can also offer smaller quantities.

With this small introduction I hope to have given you a bit more background information and I look forward to adding you to my list of 'satisfied customers’!

Kindest regards,
Björn Verherbrugghen

Business manager